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RealTime security and GDPR ready

ACSIA combines fullstack intrusion detection, vulnerability exploitation, asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics.

Reduce False Positive Alerts

ACSIA significantly lowers the number of false positive alerts and allow the security department to focus efforts on the alerts that could lead to compromises.

Easy to Deploy

User friendly and quick to set up, ACSIA can be set up in minutes.


ACSIA - Automated, Interactive Cyberdefense and Monitoring System

  • What is ACSIA?

    ACSIA simplifies security. ACSIA is a user friendly ‘SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Plus’, an automated interactive cyber security monitoring and cyber defense system.

  • What does ACSIA do?

    ACSIA is an interactive cyber defence monitoring system that enables the user to respond to threats and mitigate against attacks, in real time. All of this can be done simply from a Smartphone by actioning an alert email in a single click.

  • False Positives and Alert Fatigue

    ACSIA significantly lowers the number of false positive alerts and allows the security department to focus efforts on the alerts that could lead to compromises.

  • Why ACSIA?

    In one word - Automation: Currently security is handled by highly qualified professionals such as security engineers. In most cases this will lead to a long backlogs that need to be manually analysed. Additionally these sorts of skillsets are scarce, hard to recruit and are expensive. Unlike many security products, ACSIA does not create new workflows and processes. ACSIA self-recruits by tranforming its users into security experts.

    • How ACSIA differentiates from other security software?

      ACSIA significantly reduces false positives, does not disrupt your network and it eliminates botnets upon discovery. It enables organizations to protect themselves against hacking, malware, fraud, cybercrime, intrusions and data-leaks. A full stack product with a unique analytical engine that analyses real time log data thanks to its simple but sophisticated algorithms.

    • Anticipates the mind of malicious entities

      ACSIA brings proven tools together in a systematic way that addresses cyber security threats, using logical steps based on a fundamental understanding of security and vulnerabilities.

    • Secure
      Digital Assets

Our Team

Our world class and global technical team will help you to secure your digital assets. With decades of experience in cyber security, network administration, hacking, penetration testing, linux and open source our team includes PhDs and former employees of Fortune 500 companies.

Stefan Uygur

CEO/CTO and product architect

Donal Kerr


Domenico Chirabino

Development Manager

Valerio Vona

Senior Analyst and Developer

Simon Major


Mario Falletti

Junior Developer

Our technical team also develop and maintain BackBox Linux , one of the world's pre-eminent Linux Distributions focused on cyber security.

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